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If the recent seductive glares of Alison Goldfrapp and Annie had you at hello, then the hypnotic beats of vocalist-producer Dani Siciliano will bring you to your knees. Matthew Herbert's partner in crime (she's the electronic music maverick's wife and muse) offers her own bag of tricks on her second solo effort, the ever-so-sexy Slappers. It's her most ambitious, most creative set yet, and Ms. Siciliano's white-hot shimmy and shake can seemingly do no wrong. Too confident? No way. Like Goldfrapp or even Nelly Furtado, she sells it. While her rich, soulful vocals are center stage throughout, it's Siciliano's sultry presentation and shifty set of moods that makes Slappers a favorite for 2006. From the flirty toe-tap of "Why Can't I Make You High" to the beat-boxing rhythms of "Didn't Anybody Tell You," Siciliano's steady swagger never loses momentum, and always plays with genre and gender. Love her for her quirky ways ("Wifey"), be with her for her confident nature ("Be My Producer"), but don't leave her, ever. Siciliano makes it quite obvious that she means business on Slappers. It's time to get drunk on her kind of intoxicating love.

MacKenzie Wilson writes about music for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected].

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