Six and the Sevens + Blaire Alise & The Bombshells double-release party

Nov 19, 2013 at 9:21 am
November 27th....

You have a lot of options on Thanksgiving you often terms of choosing which venue's line-up to soundtrack, for you, what is quite often the busiest bar night of the calendar year...

...but only one venue provides you two album releases from respective outfits: Six & The Sevens and Blaire Alise & The Bombshells - and that's the Cadieux Cafe, over in Grosse Pointe.

Six and The Sevens, a boogie-inclined rock outfit with ears for insistent, soulful brass, bluesy progressions and strutting Brit-pop, are celebrating their 2nd album Not What Ships Are For... Alise, meanwhile, affects early 60's garage-shake-ups and indelible, hand-clappable brill-building pop - and, with the Bombshells, this 16-year-old singer/songwriter offers Thanksgiving showgoers Run & Hide.

Sevens are that sweat-beaded, rambunctious rock fit for a barroom, a basement, a backyard barbecue or any other kind of boisterous bout; lead single "Round and Round" is a bob-and-weaver, with whirling organs and taut riffs under impish, instigative vocals... Kinda a c'mon-let's-get-it-going kinda vibe; guitar-centric trad-rock styles sauced-up with a carefree, pop-inclined shimmy.

Watch: Six and the Sevens - "Round and Round"

Bombshells are comparable spinning-top-pops with their skittering guitars, warm harmonies in the sunny-splendor of major keys, unabashedly embraced here for the sake of a wholesomely, cynicism-defying good time - that kinda lose-yourself time ...where, before the song is over, you already know the chorus, and by the time the bridge surfs by, you're ready to sing-along to the live renditions.

Ween-cover specialists Mega-Weedge are also on the bill. You can find more info at the Bombshell's bandcamp, Six & The Sevens main site - or at the Cadieux's site.


November 27th - @ Cadieux Cafe