Silverghost: Debut album, huge show late Nov.

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If you've been paying attention you'd have noticed that the little duo Silverghost has quietly amassed a giant following in these parts, as well as big word-of-mouth pretty much anywhere else that even hints of the cosmopolitan. They've earned a PR flack's dream-load of press and have placed songs in major TV ads without help from a manager or agent.

Shit, we've been chirping for two years that the Marcie Bolen and Delano Acevedo band is the next thing outta this glorified shanty town.

Here's why: There's a nostalgic bent to the 'ghost sound, a T. Rex-like confection of pop, retro electronic, blinky psychedelia, and girl-group-flavored dance that's instantly accessible like how, say,  "Children of the Revolution" was all those years ago.

More, the fire-headed Bolen is Detroit's very own pin-up export, a singer-songwriter who could spell months of sexual tension for cross-eyed little boys around the world --  she's like a contemporary Marlene Dietrich singing "Lili Marlène" meets Josie Cotten on "Johnny, Are You Queer?"

Alongside guitarist Bolen is the spindly songwriter/keys-man Delano, who looks like a star kid but is really walking some shy kinda dark-pop swagger with winks to a young, pre-bald Gary Numan, and atop their programmed beat setup you'd be hard-pressed to hear or see anything like them anywhere ... and that's saying something.

So it is that the band just announced the release of its totally self-produced, DIY debut album The Year We Make Contact, which is set to street in late November, celebrated with an 18-and-over show at Ferndale's Magic Bag on Saturday, Nov. 27. (The album will be purchasable on vinyl and CD, and there'll be a quaint cassette single of  "Boomslang" and "Star Child" available.)

The Bag show will also host the band's video visuals, the highlight of which will be a short film cleverly entitled The Year We Make Contact whose plot revolves around isolation on an alien planet that's inhabited by a species similar to our own.  Or something like that.

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