Silent Lions - Stolen In The Heat Of The Moment

Oct 23, 2013 at 9:22 am

You get a verse. It's a bluesy little bit that gets increasingly distorted as we tighten up to a fitful explosion of guitars, effectively communicating the storminess of young love on the verge of collapse. It'll get better, this Toledo duo persuades you, vocals flitting up to a sensitive falsetto over warm pianos -their organic sounding acoustics are augmented against the turbocharged roar of those pedal-fired bass licks, sounds like a super-rigged jet-ski whipping over waves of napalm. Soft to surge, smooth soulful indie-garage type pop into fuck-all psychedelic noise-rock.

Take a listen:

As we've mentioned on this blog before - you can pretty much consider Silent Lions a Michigan band. So take half-hometown pride in how busy they've kept, this week.

Streaming on Indieshuffle -as well as getting their own Daytrotter session.