Silent Lions' fuzzy Friday

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Silent Lions...

Garage rock gutted funk from the basement of Alpha Centauri - a primal, grimacing, riffy beast of a bass line storming the groove gates with its rhythmic compatriot - the drums - like a flame-wreathed armored-truck sides-slapdash-painted with demolition derby numbers, colliding and cavorting and cutting up a new, fresh take on... what would you cinch it down to? Space-rock ? Call-it-what-you-want, Internet. I'm just listening...


It's a good thing Toledo's not too far a drive - it's meant that this ambitious and notably experimental sludge-pop duo's been able to make it up river and play a few Detroit shows. Their getting rolling on their Stephanie Wandtke Summer Tour with Jack Oblivian (of the seminal settlers of modern post-90's punk -The Oblivians) -

Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks - June 14 at the Majestic Cafe - also part of "the Stephanie Wandtke Summer Tour" -with The Silent Lions -

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