Siamese set to unleash new self-entitled EP, play release show at The Loving Touch

Jul 19, 2016 at 11:14 am
Siamese is dropping a new self-titled EP this coming week, along with a release show. Get ready to feel the feels while moodily dancing with others.

Described as "Darkwave Dance," Siamese's newest EP is a decidedly dark and sprawling affair. You have this constant feeling of "poppy-dread," the kind of feeling that makes you wanna look out a window while its raining, while you slowly dance with yourself. I know this because I have listened to it in full.

The EP comes in at six tracks; you can listen to the first one below. Each song somehow pulls off having this not-quite-sulky, not-quite-angry feeling. The lyrics are introspective, coming from a place of gloomy trouble. The music also reflects this with shadowy synths, reserved drums, and absolutely '80s-influenced guitar noise. It all mixes together to make something you can dance to while you think about all the mistakes you made in life, and still have fun.

Siamese drops on Monday July 25th, with a release party poppin' at The Loving Touch in Ferndale on Saturday, July 30. Joining Siamese will be Tart, Belterra and Wuxia. With this kind of lineup, expect things to be dark, spooky, and with lots of dancing while looking at your shoes. Doors open at 8 p.m. with a cover of $5. Bring your sadness and shake it out on the dance floor.