Show reminder: Tom Carter, 75 Dollar Bill, Andrew Barrett at Trinos tonight

Nov 18, 2015 at 1:48 pm
This is easily one of the best bills of the year: Tom Carter, 75 Dollar Bill and Andrew Barrett at Trinosophes in Eastern Market tonight.
The new Tom Carter double album on Three Lobed, Long Time Underground, was recorded two years ago. And it absolutely shreds. Layers get built up pretty quickly at points, but the jacket says it was done with no overdubs. It's safe to assume that looping pedals or tape delays or some similar trickery must be in great effect here. The cover to the double album has what looks to be an abstraction of the heavenly tree of life (or just a bunch of pretty circles) against a desert landscape. I have listened to Long Time Underground a handful of times all the way through (without a record changer, even), always with the intention of describing it, because that's my job. But each time I just get lost inside of the music, and I can't tell you much more than what the last 30 seconds sounded like. This side ended very pretty, while the other side ended sounding like a four-alarm fire. Carter, who was one-half of the droney psychedelic band Charalambides in the '90s and has actually recorded with experimental pop singer Pip Proud, has had a solo career for 15 years. He is one of the masters of solo electric guitar — easily up there with Marisa Anderson and Rick Bishop with people to never miss a chance to see them play.
75 Dollar Bill features No Wave veteran and super nice chap with superb taste (first person I ever heard cover the Monks, back in the 1980s), percussionist and multi-instrumentatlist Rick Brown in collaboration with superb guitarist Che Chen. I've wanted to see 75 Dollar Bill for years and cannot wait to finally do so (and we've all got three chances, no less). Their jams are heavily rhythmic, ridiculously stripped-down, and trance-inducing. Think live recordings of Ali Farka Toure, or Tetuzi Akiyama's Don't Forget to Boogie record— seriously, that incredibly good (the Akiyama reference might seem like a cheat as Chen has collaborated with him, but it's not).
And definitely get there early enough tonight (I'd say 9:15 p.m.) in order to catch nimble-fingered guitar whiz Andrew Barrett.