Show preview: “An Evening of Spatialized Sound Experiments with Four Quadraphonic Sets from Four Artists" at Trinosophes tomorrow, Wed., Oct 14

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 14, Trinosophes hosts “An Evening of Spatialized Sound Experiments with Four Quadraphonic Sets from Four Artists,” featuring Detroit area artists Ben Miller, Viki Viktoria, Sam Hooker and Tyler Hicks.
This is the first in a performance series that explores acoustics of Detroit area spaces, playing unconventional music through multi-channel speaker systems. The event will be a continuation of Ben Miller’s research performing "Abandoned Concerts" for no one in various abandoned buildings. Earlier concerts have taken place in the Grande Ballroom and Eastown Theater.

What’s the appeal of quadraphonic and multi-channel concerts? “We want to hear how different musicians’ expressions come through multiple loudspeaker points, which in turn fuck with the space's acoustics - creating a collage of artist characteristics, acoustic space, and maybe that space's history,” says Lindsay Karty, who will perform at the event as Viki Viktoria.
Ben Miller is not your standard guitar player – he describes his work as “creating a dense multiphonic sonic tapestry.” He plays guitar, but uses multiple outputs and pickups going through different effects chains, with a little bit of transistor radio, 8 bit sampling and tapes thrown in the mix.

“If new expressionists closed their eyes and painted what they saw then Ben Miller must be taping shut his ears and playing what he hears; blood thrashing through arteries, nerves popping, synapses burning. Formerly a part of the 'anti-rock band' Destroy All Monsters, Miller takes the 'anti' idea a step further," Melissa Giannini wrote about Miller in Metro Times in 2001.

Miller’s collaborators have included Anne Carson, Glenn Branca as well as his own brothers Larry and Roger Miller in the band Sproton Layer.
Lindsay Karty has been playing music as Viki since 2000, but in the past few years has begun experimenting with “multichannel speaker multichannel speaker arrays and home-brew sound systems.” Now performing as Viki Viktoria, she says she is interested in “expanding expressive electronics through acoustic space.” “In recent sets, vocals, pickups, drum machines, and homemade electronics are performed and processed through multiple speakers using feedback and locative cues,” she explains.

Tarpit’s Sam Hooker and Thanks USA/Creode’s Tyler Hicks will also perform a quadraphonic set as a duo, which is sure to be great. Then Miller, Karty, Hooker, and Hicks will all perform a quadraphonic set together at the end of the night.

Doors are at 9 pm on Wednesday October 14 2015 at Trinosophes, 1464 Gratiot Detroit. The concert costs $7.

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