Sheryl Crow wrote a song about Kid Rock's Senate run and it's amazing

Aug 2, 2017 at 1:51 pm
While some people are still wondering if Kid Rock is actually going to run for US Senate against Debbie Stabenow, others wonder how Kid Rock's former duet partner and friend Sheryl Crow is feeling about all of this.
As you can see above, one Twitter user thought that Sheryl Crow "must be rolling in her grave" after hearing the news of Kid Rock might be running for Senate. Little did this guy know that Sheryl Crow is in fact still alive, and has a very active Twitter account. Her response to this?

The perfect comeback then inspired Crow to write a little song expressing her feelings towards her old friend's ambitious plans. Luckily, she shared a live version of the song on her Facebook.

Appropriately called "Dude I'm Still Alive," Crow takes some light jabs at Kid Rock, singing, "At least the guy's not 90 / In his 32nd term / but a pole in the Lincoln bedroom / is bound to make some people squirm."

She also makes some jokes about how Jeff Sessions is "still alive" in Trump's White House, but not so much for Comey, Spicer, and Priebus. Since she wrote this song on Saturday, she may want to update the lyrics and add the Mooch.

Sheryl Crow posted the lyrics to her song on her Twitter account, too. Have a look below.