She Wants Revenge

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Half of you will want to set this self-titled She Wants Revenge record on fire, like pictures of a particularly douchey ex-boyfriend. The others will want to burn copies for all your friends. Like singer Justin Warfield, you're afraid to commit. This post-punk droner's sadistic fantasies might get you hot, but also make you glad you haven't ended up in bed with him. Warfield's not an overtly homicidal lover like fellow retro dim-star Brandon Flowers. He's creepier. Think the Bloodhound Gang channeling Joy Division instead of Blink-182, or the killer in American Psycho, minus the chainsaw. To the driving synth of DJ Adam 12, Warfield calmly imagines women who close their eyes and say, "Quit the talking. You can hurt me, do whatever you like" and gives them permission to "rent the space" in his head until "the price becomes too high." Too high for whom? It's hard to say. But for all his kink, the disaffected Warfield's got something on all us old-fashioned lovers "gripping tightly" to something we'll never own. And it kinda makes you want to let him "tear you apart."

Cystal K. Wiebe writes about music for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected].

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