Scottish woman awarded Guinness World Record for Eminem tattoos — and we must stan

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click to enlarge Scottish woman awarded Guinness World Record for Eminem tattoos — and we must stan
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The perfect woman doesn't exi—

Nikki Patterson, a 35-year-old nail technician and mother from Aberdeen, Scotland, was honored this week by Guinness World Recordsfor her tattoo collection, which is almost entirely made up of hyper-realistic portraits of Detroit's own Eminem.

Patterson, who has spent thousands of dollars on her Slim Shady ink and posts on Instagram as crazyeminemlady, contacted Guinness during quarantine, BBC reports. After a thorough search and confirmation process, Patterson was eventually granted the award for having the most tattoos of the same musician tattooed on the body. Of her 52 tattoos, 28 are either portraits or dedications to the “Rap God,” including a running list of his album titles, in their respective album fonts, on her thigh.

It was the recent addition of two tiny Em faces on her index fingers that secured her official stan status, which, unsurprisingly, started with Eminem's 2000 tragic pen-pal meta ballad “Stan,” in which an obsessed fan named Stan makes countless attempts to make contact with Em in hopes of getting an autograph for his little brother. But before the rapper can respond, fictitious Stan drove off a fictitious bridge with his fictitious pregnant wife in the trunk.

“I heard Stan when I was 14 and had never heard anything like that before”, Patterson said in an interview with Metro. “It blew me away.”

Since getting her first Eminem tribute tat three years ago, Patterson has said her confidence has soared, even though her husband is not an Eminem fan and her son, who narrowly avoided being named Marshall — the family dog got the name instead — isn't too keen on her body art.

Though she's never met her idol, she has seen him in concert seven times and now has something in common with Eminem, as the 47-year-old rapper holds several Guinness World Records, most notably one for the most words in a hit single for 2103's “Rap God” where he packs in 1,560 words in just over six minutes, averaging 4.28 words per second.

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