Sex And The City was the number one box office attraction last weekend and it looks like the studio has already hit the green light for a sequel next summer. I'm probably one of the few heterosexual males in the universe who didn't hate the show when it was on HBO all those years (would catch it when it was on before fave raves like The Sopranos or Six Feet Under)...Plus, I'm told that if you were a single guy, the perfect place to hang last weekend for single dudes looking for love was at a theater screening this movie ; someone -- a woman, in fact -- on a music chatboard I frequent suggested it was like "shooting fish in a barrel," in fact.

But now that opening weekend has come and gone, I'll probably wait for the DVD...if I actually ever take the time to watch it at all, that is. Anyway, the only reason I'm posting this nonsense is for the opportunity to also post the below link. I generally don't like this kind of "make fun of people's physical appearance" humor. Mean-spiritedness sucks, even in a TMZ world. Nevertheless, some of the photos at this site are laugh-out-loud funny..and even if you're a huge fan and absolutely love Ms. Jessica Parker (or her Carrie Bradshaw alter-ego), it's still hard to miss the humor in a few of these photo comparisons:

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