Sacred faces

Mar 13, 2001 at 12:00 am

Best-Looking Club (Oakland County)
The Temple

Since opening last summer, the Temple — located in funkified Ferndale — is a shining new beacon of metro-Detroit nightclub life. Walking through the door for the first time, you know you’re somewhere both hip and warm.

It really is a beautiful building: big glass windows inside and out, hardwood floors, bright cream-colored walls, lovely metalwork and candles everywhere. Between the restaurant downstairs and dance floor upstairs with its “chill-out balcony,” there’re plenty of places to hang out, dance and spy on all the attractive people (that’s what you meant by best looking club, right?). This is also the closest thing to a full New York or Miami-style night out at a reasonable price you’re going to find in the metro area. Then there are the bar staff and door people, who are actually beautiful and friendly. Geez, would you believe it’s possible?

But, more than just glitz and decor, the Temple fills its walls with top-notch techno and dance music. Thursdays have been a consistent staple, with Transmat and Planet E doing big-name booking and sponsoring. On many a weekend night you can find famous DJs such as Chicago’s Keith Ware working the decks. It’s little wonder that dance-music fans have finally found a home in the suburbs, and the Temple is one pretty place to spend an evening.