'Rolling Stone' scoops us all on news of Danny Brown's Bruiser Thanksgiving II, at the Majestic Nov. 25

If the NYT is referred to as the Grey Lady, what do we refer to Rolling Stone as? The Old Yuppie? The Viagara Pill Found in the Cushions of a 1995 Miata? The Weird Old Guy Who Keeps Going to the Bathroom and Sniffling and Talking About How He Knows Springsteen Real Well and Absolutely Won't Shut up About It? We'll go with the latter, but won't bother acronyming it for you. Anyway, Rolling Stone apparently scooped everyone to the news of Danny Brown, probably our city's most entertaining superstar at the moment, and his 'Bruiser Thanksgiving II' event on Nov. 25 at the Majestic

This will now be an annual event for charity. This year its proceeds will go toward helping to inspire young poets in Detroit.

Brown will be partnering with InsideOut Detroit's City Wide Poets Project (CWP) and will be raising money via a fundraising page for both CWP and the Detroit Public School system. The pledge drive aims to help put a poet in every Detroit classroom and will end on November 12th. On top of the show and the fundraising page, Brown will also be hosting a poetry workshop aimed for teens and young adults in Detroit as well.

How rad is that? And how cool is it that Danny Brown is such a giant star that Rolling Stone runs this as a feature news item?

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