Rock n Roll Tacos

Other people are out their starting their work days, sipping watery-Folgers out of Styrofoam - and I'm getting metaphorical on greasy tacos.

It's seven in the morning, middle of the working week, and I'm skidding to a stop on sidewalks completely empty save for the garbage truck idling down the street. On my bike ride through the suburbs, the sun starts to come up, steadily dialing up its soft illumination of downtown Ferndale, revealing the stamped cigarettes from last night's huddled bar crowd, the streaks of finger-marks upon the glass door of the grocery store, and then there, nestled inconspicuously along the main drag is the Loving Touch... a curious little place that seems to be getting more and more comfortable with identifying itself as ...a venue.

Could Timmy's Vulgar and his robust rock n' roll tacos finalize that conversion? I wonder, not so much about Timmy's Tacos...more so about this curious Pool Hall. Yes, its often packed on the weekends with recreational bar-goers scratching and breaking and laughing and carrying on... But the indie-rock eccentrics and noise-lovers seem to be inhabiting this hall, with increasing frequency, to attain a raucous/rousing/intimate live experience akin to the classic Detroit spots like the Lager House or the Painted Lady.

And so far, the Loving Touch is delivering, hatching new quirky festivities such as Rock N' Roll Tacos; music-themed nights such as these would just further chrystallize the consensus that Ferndale is is something like the understudy-music-scene - the place where a lot of the metro-area-music-performing-family are situated anyway - so why not throw more bashes that they can all walk or bike to... Tantalizing bashes - bolstered with Tacos...and live music...

Timmy Vulgar in Ferndale? Now I don't know to-where, or into-what, that trendy town's identity is shifting - whether its Royal Oak Jr. or something much more perturbing...but getting a Kresge-recipient known for alarming, enlivening, duck-and-cover-inducing performance art punk rock to come in and not only serve up his sublimely skewed takes on psychedelic music, but also sling some of his own authentic fresco a step in the right direction, as far as I'm concerned. Timmy's Organism will headline, Saturday night (April 14th) at the Loving Touch - which will feature a taco stand (in place of some pool tables).

Punk Rock Chef - CuizineTV feature on Timmy

Video: "Cookin' with Timmy"

Timmy's music is...well...sorta like a taco, right? Barely-contained-chaos, shell as a song and meat / grease / cheese / beans / romaine / tomatos / more-grease.... as the ferocious-yet-alluring blend of stylicstic musical elements sloshed together...

Toronto-based punk outfit Teenager are coming to help open things up, along with Detroit-based blues-rockers The Crooks. For the vegetarians, which include this writer, you can thank Mara from Fostey's Fiesta for providing you delicious meatless alternatives...

Vulgar a a quasi-scene... We'll see what happens. Saturday - April 14th - The Loving Touch

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