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Best Place to Hear Rock 'n' Roll and
Best Place to Hear Blues (Washtenaw County)

The Blind Pig

Originally a blues club when it was founded back in 1977, The Blind Pig has transformed into Ann Arbor’s premier venue for world-class, up-and-coming indie rock. A forerunner in showcasing innovative and exciting music, the Pig hosts the best in independent bands, local favorites and the occasional gem of a national act, in a cozy venue with excellent sound and memorable patrons, and brings it all to you five nights a week. Plus it’s open to ages 19 and up, so the young ones don’t have to miss out on the fun. The Pig is both a haven for beginning musicians to cut their teeth and an intimate setting with plenty of crowd interaction. Groundbreaking acts such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam graced the Pig back when they were just starving musicians dreaming of stardom.

A former biker bar turned college hangout, the Blind Pig attracts all kinds, including neo-hippies, corporate types, affable, crusty old regulars, greasers, punks, hip hoppers and squeaky-clean swing kids. You can also cruise downstairs to the 8 Ball Saloon to shoot some pool, throw darts and make your own musical selections on one of the best jukeboxes in all of Ann Arbor.

In the venue’s continuing effort to support original, non-homogenized independent music, it has even given birth to its own record label — Blind Pig Records, now stationed in California and featuring top national blues, roots rock, zydeco and R&B acts.

So next time you’re out in Ann Arbor, make a point to check out the Pig — and one day you might be able to say “Oh yeah, I saw so-and-so at the Pig way back when, before they were superstars.”

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