Reviewing Ultra Bidé’s DNA vs DNA-c

Apparently, DNA vs DNA-c (Alternative Tentacles) is the first new album from this Japanese noise-punk band in ten years. First of all, we’d like to get an ultra bidé of our own – one would assume it reaches the spots that other bidé’s just don’t reach. Also, judging by the picture on the back of the sleeve, these guys are the three angriest men in Japan.
Musically, there’s nothing particularly new going on here but it’s all played with such fury, such unrestrained pissed-off-ness, that it’s impossible to not want to leap on board their crazy bus of annoyance. There are some very cool moment; “Sonic Crash” sees the band play with ’60 garage and surf rock ideas while the next track, “Anarchy in Your Eyes” is old Dead Kennedys incarnate (appropriate, considering the label). We sometimes expect Japanese bands to be completely genre-less and weird-bordering-alien. These guys are happy to experiment, but the resulting noise is oddly familiar.

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