Reviewing The Last Ten Seconds of Life’s Invivo[Exvivo]

Dec 2, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Maybe it’s because the temperature is dropping like a rock, but there seems to be an abundance of great metal music released at present. People are pissed, and what better way to express that dissatisfaction that by grrooowwling a bunch of unintelligible lyrics while your buddies thrash away behind you? The guys in Pennsylvania four-piece The Last Ten Seconds of Life are upset about all manner of things, from false awakenings to numbskulls, from morality to fertile steps.
Front man Storm Strope (best metal singer name ever?) sounds like he’s gargling piss and fish bones as he exorcises his demons through the medium of extreme metal music. To be fair, the results are totally effective; there’s a genuine intensity to this sophomore album, a feeling that these aren’t faking their feelings or holding anything back at all. They’re at the Crofoot this Tuesday, so go check them out and see if they’re just as scary in real life.