Reviewing Claire’s Broken Promise Land

Oct 14, 2013 at 10:16 am

Munich five-piece Claire is an odd but cool little band. The sound sits somewhere between ’90s electronic acts like Underworld and Portishead-eque trip-hop (maybe even a little Dido), with a touch of Josh Wink trance thrown in for good measure. Therefore, you’d think that they’d sound dreadfully dated, but the shameless pop of the title track on Broken Promise Land (Astralwerks), and “Games” (the debut single from this debut EP), keeps their collective heads above the nostalgia waters. Those ethereal vocals are provided by Josie Claire Bürkle who said that, “Claire started out as a project. As it got further along, it just became a band by itself, without us trying.” Thank God, because prior to this, the band members were making a living writing TV commercial jingles. Now, they get to create these warm, hypnotic techno-indie-pop gems. Turn the lights off, press play, and lie back. Turn the bass up a tad. You’ll feel like you’re being massaged.