Red Pill and Hir-O -- "We Are Not Like Them" + Fundraiser for Occupy Detroit

Nov 3, 2011 at 2:40 pm

It's undeniable that the Occupy Movement across the country is growing on a daily basis. What's good to see is that more musicians and artists are finding ways to use their crafts to keep momentum going.

Regardless of if it's folks like Talib Kweli at Occupy Wall St. or Lupe Fiasco bringing food to those at Occupy Oakland, musicians and artists getting involved is vital to any real revolutionary movement being sustainable. You have to feed the creative spirit as well folks.

There's a benefit show planned for next Thursday, Nov 10th at the Old Miami with a variety of MC's donating their time to help raise funds for general supplies. Those who are braving the cold and occupying Grand Circus Park right now could really use it. Thus all of the MCs on the flyer above will be giving their all to raise some scratch for the occupiers. Hell, let's Rockupy and not just Occupy.

Two folks out of the Blat Pack camp, Red Pill and Hir-O just released a song this afternoon called "We Are Not Like Them" that feels energized by the Occupy Movement nationwide. Actually, it's energized by the fact that the rich get richer and the poor pick lent out of their pockets. Despite sounding as if they recorded this two weeks ago while watching protesters get kicked out of Zuccati Park, it was actually recorded months ago. Talk about foreshadowing. Check out the track below and hit Old Miami a week from today if you can.