Record Review: OOIOO — Gamel

You’re either going to find OOIOO to be a lot of fun or pure torture.

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Thrill Jockey Records 

Led by Boredoms drummer Yoshimi P-We (as in the Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots), this Japanese experimental band has gleefully mixed tribal chanting, polyrhythmic percussions, and elements of rock music together for irreverent psychedelic effect since the ’90s. The press release says that this album is inspired by the Indonesian style of music known as gamelan, but in the end this album sits squarely among OOIOO’s catalog. Is it world music? Is it art rock? Is it all a giant joke? Who knows and who cares — you’re either going to find OOIOO to be a lot of fun or pure torture.  

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Lee DeVito

Leyland "Lee" DeVito grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, where he read Metro Times religiously due to teenaged-induced boredom. He became a contributing writer for Metro Times in 2009, and Editor in Chief in 2016. In addition to writing, he also supplies occasional illustrations. His writing has been published...
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