Raw Radio X: Live from the Russell Industrial Center

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Photo courtesy of Jennifer Jiminey's Facebook.

Yes, Raw Radio X can be quite raw and X-rated — that is part of the allure. The shows aren’t formatted about sex, but when the subject comes up it is explored in all of its glory. Typically, their shows feature a marvelously eclectic bunch of Detroit musical artists and personalities. During our visit we listened to Jennifer Jiminey, AKA SnowBunnie.

She interviewed a man called Rigger Lucas, whose specialty is bondage with ropes (we also spoke with him). You might be familiar with some of his work if you have ever attended the Detroit’s Dirty Show: He is the one who binds women in yards of rope and hoists them to dangle over the bar. And yes, he also offers spankings for the more adventurous. In the reception area, after the show, he said that he could be reached on the website Fetlife under the screen name riggerlucas. We saw a sparkle in the eyes of two females and what appeared to be a conscious effort to remember the name and the website.

On another show, SnowBunnie entertained Castratta, the Lady of Pain from the famous Detroit House of Pain. It was a surprise for this writer, because for a different story we once had the (pleasure?) of being tied to her Spanking Bench. Jennifer has the face of an angel, but easily speaks about topics that can make a hardened sailor blush. That was just the beginning. Local talent Rikki Roxx is one of the guiding forces behind this new internet radio station, serving as the engineer for the other shows while also finding time to emerge from the sound booth to greet visitors. He gives plenty of credit to Lori Hildebrandt who is a co-owner of the network. Her Friday evening show is called WhiteDogg Detroit & the A-List, WhiteDogg being a reference to the pooch she adopted from an abandoned house in Detroit. Lori likens the situation in which she found the dog the plight of many Detroiters. On her show she interviews some top local and national bands and artists. The next personality to enter was Vinny Ricco, the host of the upcoming show. Ricco is another local boy with impressive credentials in the entertainment industry. He has been to Hollywood and back, with his most recognizable accomplishment being a role in the Eminem movie 8 Mile. He was quick to point out that his show would not be possible without his co-host, Robin Overmyer. Vinny admits that Robin handles everything from engineering, to managing, to finding talent and booking and even all the social media. George Aneed hosts the last show on Sunday evening from 10 p.m. to midnight with Kelly Tucker and Caitlin Moneau called, “Is This Thing On?” The aim of their show is to pass on many of the hard lessons that are faced by any group trying to make it on the Detroit music scene. They try to enlighten people to the potential pitfalls that may be awaiting them, from agents to studios to sponsors to where to buy instruments. It is a little advice from someone who has already walked the path. Of course, their show also goes off topic, but George says that is what makes it fun. He doesn’t know if he would want to work in a place where the topic was clearly defined and he was made to adhere to the guidelines. There are a total of 20 shows, but there is not enough room to give all of them their due. When there isn’t a scheduled show, or there is a lull in the talk they play a fresh variety of music. Unlike the worn-out playlists of so many top stations you will never tire of the music on Raw Radio X. That is because there is no playlist. You will hear rap, blues, country, oldies and anything in between. We find ourselves listening to this new station more than Pandora.        
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