Mar 5, 2009 at 12:44 pm

Some random Wednesday night thoughts:

*Electric Fire Babies were great. Between the stripped-down beats, guitars and Nicole's vocals, I was reminded of the undeniable dance assault of the first two B-52's albums.

*Fluent and his band were amazing. Judging by the at-times flat response of the crowd (OK, it was early). Detroit rock ‘n' roll fans need to get out and see some more Detroit hip hop. They'll be glad they did once they realize, five years from, now how amazing the Detroit hip hop scene is today.

*Best dressed — Tie: Marcie Bolen (Silverghost), Sean Ellwood (Outrageous Cherry), Tesco Vee (Meatmen)

*Best shoes — Marcie Bolen

*Best props — Tie: Gepetto Files and the Meatmen

*Best mosh pit — The Meatmen (of course)

*Best fucking drummer in Detroit — Kenny Tudrick (Octopus). Alright, Detroit has a lot of amazing drummers (like Danny Perry from Child Bite)

so I might say someone else next week. And Kenny is also a motherfucker on guitar and songwriting. But it's always a pure shot of adrenalin watching and listening to Kenny pummel his kit into submission in a sea of flying hair. It also was great to finally see Octopus in a room that can handle their heavy sound.

*Best makeup — Zach Norton (Child Bite)

One of the things I love about Blowout is seeing a great band you've seen many times before and suddenly they're even better. Case in point last night — Silverghost and Child Bite. Child Bite is always a high energy assault but last night, they seemed like they all had done meth in the parking lot before the show. And Silverghost was even edgier than when I saw them last at City Fest last summer. Delano's beats and keys were darker and heavier, as was Marcie's guitar playing. And they've got so many great songs now that I couldn't even begin to pick my favorite.

I'm not sure how old Tesco Vee from the Meatmen is now -- but it is truly remarkable how he's stayed in touch with his politically incorrect child all these years. I wonder if Tesco invented political incorrectness? God knows he was before they had even coined the term. Did I mention the current lineup is tight as hell?

Everyone knows Matt Smith from Outrageous Cherry is a great songwriter but I'm not sure everyone knows what a great guitar player he is. He's not flashy, but he's got so many styles under his belt that it sometimes hard to believe he's also the same guy who plays in THTX or backs up Rodriguez these days.

Gepetto Files is what would happen if GWAR became a puppet show — that's a high compliment, by the way.

Goddamn, vocalist Jason from the Wrong Numbers can sing. If he was on American Idol, he would own the show (that's also a compliment, by the way, and an observation on how much this season sucks). And the twin guitar attack from Bobby Emmett and Matt Thibodeau was so good.

Finally, global warming must be real. Blowout always seems to happen during the snowiest, coldest week of the year in Detroit. On Friday, though, it's supposed to be 57! 57?!?!? Awesome.