Speaking of Starling Electric, Scott McClintock was practicing with the band when their house got egged. Why would anyone want to egg the house of four of Michigan’s pre-eminent pop tunesmiths?

Well, the Metro Times, of course.

Seems when Starling Electric’s “Motor City Cribs” piece hit the streets, their neighbors in Giraffatitan weren’t amused. Yes, it’s true; Starling Electric’s Caleb had called the said neighboring band “enemies of music.” But doesn’t anyone appreciate a good musical press squabble anymore? Did Blur and Oasis, or Eminem and ICP exhaust all the possibilities?

Whatever the case, shortly after the piece hit the streets, Starling’s neighbors were calling the band “pussies” from their porch, no doubt in reference to Starling’s predilection for hitting nice harmonies or fancy chords during the sweet parts of their songs.

Then came the egging

Ah, well. Starling’s moved on out of the place now.

So, is Giraffatitan an “enemy of music”? Decide for yourself at http://www.myspace.com/giraffatitan. After repeated attempts, Giraffatitan still would not accept Starling Electric’s friend requests on myspace. Maybe they’ll add you, though. Just don’t tell ‘em we sent you.

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