Power up the people

Mar 13, 2001 at 12:00 am

Best Way to Make Politics Fun

It surprises me that readers even bothered to respond to this category. You know darn well that politics is fun; it’s a goddamned Greek comedy. Recall our recent political history: Big Willie is in the Oval Office getting his tingling diddled by the Intern; Holier-than-thou Ken Starr makes sure he airs out every prurient detail of the affair for the good of this country — and of course the press; nerves-of-denial Hillary plods on to be the first First Lady to become a U.S. Senator; Gore boy, who has worked his whole life to be president, loses to a charming dumbbell (that’s more of a Greek tragedy, or maybe a geek tragedy); and the man blamed for Gore’s loss is a guy named Ralph. Forget “Survivor,” politics is the best entertainment going.

But in case the usual antics of our nation’s leaders don’t do it for you, you gave us plenty of suggestions, and emphasized that the best way to make politics fun is simply to vote. I vote for electing a third party for no other reason than to put more folks in the mix to make us laugh — as they say, the more the merrier.