Pledge Allegiance to Summer Wonder

Sunday. Espresso. Gray...not hot, not cold, not yet raining and not yet shifted in gear to hit up Hamtramck yet.

Listening to Cat Power. But thinking about Reverend. Would rather be listening to Reverend... What a show, What a...What the...

Vigorous, valiant, aggro-jumbled jams, psychedelic rock stylings punches you in the sternum and death grips your collar and the drums rag-doll you 'round like an industrial mixer in a rusty bowl of ball-bearings and nitroglycerin; guitars whip and whirl like flame-ringed speed-boats at ramming speed across treacherous white-river-rapid-riffs; and somewhere amid the smoke and smash and feedback fuzz, the soaring high-yowl anthemic voice belts out an assurance that you haven't been knocked out of the shoulder-shunted, slew-footing front row yet.  Loud, yeah, too... but engaging; friendship-bolstering freakdom.



Check out this album, Infectious Relations to Light - "...recorded in an industrial factory..."

Caught a couple sets of them in Woodbridge over the last couple weeks, one of said-shows included the farewell party to the uniting "Shack" -an inspiring entity in that part of town that helped foster a sense of community for a dozen (if not more) close-knit bands (and numerous more musicians). It'll be missed, but it certainly served a purpose: Woodbridge is awaken!

Another of said Woodbridge wunderkind I've been digging is emcee Kwe Zilla -known musically as The Anonymous.

you know where the hood is

bonfire on Woodbridge -

Settle into some of his tracks and get ready for a zesty lyrical tilt-o-whirl of interstellar channel-surfing blurring outre imagery and left-field references that somehow strike a certain chord you can relate to...

Planet Earth is so absurd grip my bike, hop the curb.

I pledge allegiance to summer wonder...


Well...back to some Cat Power then, I guess.


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