Phantom Cats and The Anonymous

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The heading of this blog post are the respective names of two local music outfits: The first a melodious clatter of nicely nervy post-punk and operatic new-wave whirl. The second an offbeatly-bookish duo digging a darkly-humorous, eclectic meditation on hip-hop.

Both are interchangeably still-early-on or too-healthily-open-to-stylistic-change-ups to summarily say what they sound-like, though... The Phantom Cats, the ostensible indie-rock quartet of guitar-bass-drum-and-dynamic-lead-vocals, just released their debut EP and The Anonymous, the ostensible rap duo of DJ/producer bringing beats for his ebullient emcee, just marked the 1-year anniversary of their debut LP.

I've been bugging both of these bands for at least an entire calendar year. Phantom Catsrelease this thing already! Anonymous release a follow-up already!


One down. One to go.

The Phantom Cats are streaming Ray of the Moon this weekend while we're likely just a month-or-so away from The Anonymous releasing a special remix of "...I Do My Other Thing," the stand-out track from their Why Am I Grinding My Teeth (ft. Passalacqua). For now, let's look back to last year, when the duo dropped the album inside the Woodbridge Shack:



Anyhow - Start your weekend off right, with Phantom Cats. And stay tuned for an interview with The Anonymous.

In the meantime, these two should probably play a show together soon. Why not? (#CoOwnaz)

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