Patti Smith wrote a song for the 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' finale

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On Sunday, Adult Swim's popular late night cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force ended its eleven-season run. Apparently, none other than punk icon Patti Smith was tapped to provide the finale's send-off, a weird little ballad called "Aqua Teen Dream."

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Smith says she was introduced to the show — which follows the surreal adventures of anthropomorphic fast food items — by her son, Jackson. According to Smith, Adult Swim approached her to create a song for the final episode while she was on tour. She recorded the vocals in an Italian hotel room; Jackson and her daughter Jesse recorded the instrumental track in Detroit.

"Jackson, Jesse and I all love Aqua Teen, so it was moving to perform this small but precious task with them from afar," Smith told Pitchfork, and added, "Writing the song was a dream come true."

Listen to "Aqua Teen Dream" below. 

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