If you say you know about Detroit blues but you don’t know about Willie D. Warren, then it’s time for you to re-evaluate what you claim to know. Of all the old-time Detroit bluesmen still around today, Warren is the one most deserving of the national recognition that he should have but never did receive. Warren has played in bands with the likes of acknowledged blues greats Otis Rush and Freddie King. It was Warren who taught Guitar Slim how to play guitar more than 50 years ago.

Despite the impressive credentials, Warren has never released a CD under his own name until now. Big credit for this release goes to No Cover Productions head Mike Boulan, who recorded this project live at the Firehouse. Equal credit goes to Jimmy McCarty who, along with Boulan, figured a Willie D. Warren CD was long overdue and decided to do something about it. The resulting effort captures the depth and deceptive simplicity that marks Warren’s classic blues style. An essential CD for Detroit blues lovers.

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