Outrageous Cherry Reunites a '90s Lineup for A One-Off Gig; Leader Matthew Smith Jams With Wilco

Oct 11, 2010 at 4:54 pm
It's true. The absolutely pop-right Outrageous Cherry will play a gig this Friday at Hamtramck's Popps Packing that'll see the band's lineup from its 1999 LP Out There in the Dark regroup and play the album in its entirety.  Not a bad idea, considering about anyone with a recorded musical history is doing same with a key album. Hey, we live in a time when some newer bands actually have a musical history.

So Matthew Smith, Larry Ray, Chad Gilchrist, and Deb Agolli will play the album that was originally released in the US on Del-Fi 2000, then subsequently released worldwide by Alan McGee's Poptones label.

Band leader-producer Smith tells us that the gig itself is a closing party for an Andy Krieger art exhibition.

"For reasons connected to the artwork in the show," Smith says, "Andy asked the '90s lineup of Outrageous Cherry to reform and play a set. You'll note that it's an early art gallery kind of thing so Baffled Again (featuring persons from Gardens, Little Claw, Tyvek) will open at 8 p.m. O.C. hits it at 9 p.m. sharp.

In other news, the current Outrageous Cherry lineup played Wilco's Solid Sound Festival at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in August. Turns out Smith was invited on stage to perform with Wilco, which isn't a weird pairing at all if you think about it. Besides, Jeff Tweedy is a huge fan of the band. See video.

Smith in his producer's helmet just headed another album for Andre Williams, featuring Dennis Coffey and, yes, Jim White (Dirty 3, Cat Power) look for a hard copy of that in early 2011.

Smith added that the new Volebeats album hits shelves on Tuesday, Oct. 19 on the hard-fighting little Rainbow Quartz label.