Our Inaugural Indie Music Showcase

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Four out of four kids agree: Indie Music Showcases rule.

Metro Times Indie Music Showcase

Starring The Decks

Thursday, Sept. 28, 7pm @ Rock-A-Billy's in Utica

8411 Hall Rd., Utica; 586-731-0188


“We’re kind of important/Yeah, people know our names/And we wear giant sunglasses/And we don’t make mistakes

I might be wrong on that last line — the music on the milky-clear 7” The Decks sent me has that slight distortion common to small-pressing records. Which of course is totally awesome, since that slight frizz on the audio of “Song for Social Justice” only aids these Grosse Pointe young’uns’ Sonic Youth jones. Plus it’s on clear vinyl! What more can these earnest, charmingly smart-aleck indie kids do to please you? Yeah, they have a MySpace page like everyone else. But I think the cheerfully analog quality of the 7” is perfect for The Decks, since they remind me so much of the early 1990s groups who used to regularly release material on mostly-vinyl imprints like Darla, Harriet, and Slumberland, bands whose influences were apparent, but hurdled that old hang-up with their flair for eager pop and clever lyrical moments like the couplet above. The Decks also use their two guy/two girl lineup to their advantage, trading off microphone moments and generally fueling their jams with a pleasant egalitarianism not heard in unified chromosome outfits of either gender. All things to all people? Maybe not yet. But “Song for Social Justice” (b/w “Guess I’m Just Blind”) proves that the Decks are definitely on their way. Detroit Young Turks unite.

And we definitely couldn’t have tapped a more representative band to kick off the Metro Times’ new Indie Music Showcase. The Decks will rock the endcaps at Rock-A-Billy’s Sept. 28 at 7pm, and just like proud parents we’re providing free pizza, pop, and a bunch of swag for everyone who shows up. It’s the first of a series that will feature the best and brightest in local unsigned talent, so come out to Rock-A-Billy’s tonight and help us kick it off. You’re bound to meet someone you’d like to put in your top 8.


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