Mar 5, 2010 at 2:27 pm

So it really wasn't my night. First, I opened the program to the wrong page and looked at Friday's listings instead of Thursday's -- I mean, I should've known better since I edited the damn thing! -- and headed to the GofC Hall, as I wanted to catch both Gorevette and the Octopus (who we, of course, all know is a different band from Sh! The Octopus... though someone inadvertently added a "Sh!" to one of the numerous mentions of their name in the program during the production stage the other day). So I wasn't happy to discover that I had the wrong night when I arrived. Some band was onstage in the relatively sparse room and they were fairly dreadful. A few people in the back of the room were yelling, "You suck!" at the stage -- I doubt I could have come up with a better review, so I split.

On the way to the hall, I'd stopped by Paycheck's to see FAWN for the first time... but unfortunately got there just in time to see the last few minutes of their final song. Can't make a real judgment based on that... but they did sound real good. And as others have pointed out long before me, the harmonies were great. That always gets kudos from yours truly.

And then -- people who know me will love this because it's so typical -- I got lost for 10 minutes in Hamtramck! Those one-way streets throw me off every single time. Headed to the New Dodge, as my aim suddenly became to see bands I was unfamiliar with -- but the band onstage was still sound checking (wait! I thought there were no sound checks at Blowout!). After nearly 10 minutes of some guy hitting his drum head, trying to get "the sound," I suppose (what? was this a recording session?), I left. Poked my head into the Whiskey in the Jar... but the place was so packed and smoky, overwhelmingly so, I decided it was a good idea to skip it. Besides, the band playing there, I hear, comments on every other band in town on a regular basis... so no need for me to comment on them. (I did later hear they destroyed an enormous stack of Metro Times newspapers onstage during their set. Pretty revolutionary, if you ask me!)

Headed down to the Atlas instead and saw several songs by Carradine. But better yet, saw my good MT friends Megan and W.K. (who was snapping photos) there (no Bernie, though!) -- so that was good. A friend of mine thought Carradine "sucked" -- but I thought the trio kinda achieved the Teenage Fanclub sound I'm pretty sure they were aiming for... only without the really heavy pop hooks.

Finally struck pay dirt at Painted Lady (a lot of ghosts in that place for me, though!) where the Crooks were definitely delivering the goods. Live, they have even more Black Sabbath mixed into that Cream/Led Zep/MC5 hybrid of theirs. And the cover of Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses" was a great choice, guys. They got the the looks, the charisma and the chops. Wish I'd have had that in high school; I probably would've gotten laid a lot more than I did. Not that I'm complaining or anything...

Ended the night at Skipper's, hoping to see Invincible's set. But, damn, there was some guy repeatedly beating a drum onstage for sound check -- and it was after midnight (as Handyside has already pointed out). So I split. Tonight promises to be much better, at least for me. Hey, there are a few bands I really want to see at GofC Hall, after all... and you can plant yourself and get caught up there all night if you so choose... Buy me a drink if you see me.