No casanova

This is what demented minds do. They create things incessantly.

They don’t test their theories. In fact, they don’t have theories. The scientific cycle of the demented mind goes like this: idea, data, experiment. No analysis or theory. There is no need, because the demented mind is not trying to feed you anything positive or negative. He’s not trying to save the world. He just wants to see you react to his antics, which kinda makes you a part of the experiment anyway.

I don’t know if this completely explains Prince Paul who, on Handsome Boy Modeling School, goes by the handle Chest Rockwell. His partner in crazy on this project is respected producer Dan the Automater (handle: Nathaniel Merriweather). Handsome Boy is a collection of old-new school hip hop wrapped around sound bites of dudes trying to become male models. The link between the beats and the modeling bit is the combination of Rockwell and Merriweather, two supermodels who open a modeling school for aiights who long to be fine.

"Before I joined the Handsome Boy Modeling School," says one graduate, "I was a complete zero. Now look at me, almost a perfect three!" Paul and the Automater have no problem creating the visuals, as evidenced by the quote taken from their promotional pamphlet. But they have to bring in some real heavyweights (De La Soul, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Grand Puba, Sadat X) to help even out the mediocre pool of unknown MCs. As always, any music connected to Paul is experimental and worth at least a listen. Check "The P.J.’s," "Magnetizing" and "Once Again" for highlights.

But remember, before joining Handsome Boy, brush ya teeth and shave, ’cause this one dishes some irritating dirt.

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