New Sounds from the New Class: Puppy Love and Organ Solos

Oct 30, 2012 at 10:29 am

Kickstand Band – Puppy Love  (Suburban Sprawl)

You have and haven’t heard this before

A Detroit-based pop-trio clearly charmed by the fuzzy feedback grooves of the 90’s-indie-class of strutting, sock-hop conjuring, late 50’s-rock. Revivalism’s a guilty pleasure when it’s got quality and these kids are cutting quality tracks for their debut full length (in, out and over-with in about the same running time as a Happy Day’s re-run). Scrumptious, soaring melodies, surf-twanged guitars over rustling rhythms, major-keys coaxing sun-glared grins and before you know it your hands are clapping, head’s bopping and we’re slip-sliding down foamy guitar crests, swaggering beats and dosey-doeing to these 2-minute-long sweet-stompers stuffed with boy-girl harmony and sarcastic Burb-shouldering satire.

There’s a couple slow-dances in the spotlight on the gym floor where things soften for dreamy, heart-heavy, ballady-bits, but then there’s other angular zippers, strumming like there’s no tomorrow at punk-tempos.

The Kickstand Band releases "Puppy Love" November 10th at the Lager House with Lightning Love and Deadbeat Beat




George Morris – Organ Solos –(Five Three Dial Tone)

Light-fuzz lullabies like these were the kind of gentler-jams ideal for soundtracking the drives back home from raucous ear-blasted, throat-curdling, guitar-glorifying concerts. Fitting then that it’s coming from a voice most local indie-rockers know for fronting the characteristically rafter-reaching, anthemic-space-rock swagger of The Satin Peaches.

Singer/songwriter George Morris spent the last two years trying to resituate himself, restarting (and stopping, again) the Peaches, starting another band (to then break that up), he finally just sat down as an organ, sequenced some beats and twirly synth loops and dialed up the dreamy distortion on the hazy lacelike heave of his vocals. Substantive reflections dot these ten decompression-ballads, stung with some regrets or leveler-headed repudiations back upon empty rock-concert cavorting. The minimalism, the album title tells it all, ups the poignancy. A haunting kinda’ cooed calmness settles in throughout this stargazing flow.

11/6/12 - George Morris @ PJ's Lager House - Round 2 of the Wiggle & Jam It Live Series w/ The HandGrenades, and Wazu