New Motor City Anthem! Moe Dirdee's "You Don't Belong in Detroit"

Here's a new video from local emcee Moe Dirdee that's bound to be a Detroit hip-hop anthem soon enough. It's called "You Don't Belong in Detroit" and is full of enough grittiness and straight up 'tude that people in the city need to get behind this song. The reality is, most outsiders don't belong in Detroit in the first place, at least those who don't "get it." So when you watch this video, the hook might become your new mantra as well. For folks who are unfamiliar, this is the same Moe Dirdee that starred as the bully in Miz Korona's video for "Playground." He's an ultra-talented (and surly) emcee that more people should pay attention to since he's always "representing the fourth letter" better than anybody.

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