New Mania

Mar 1, 2012 at 7:53 pm
We tell ourselves this every year, that it feels different, amplified...

*The Walking Beat shows lots of promise - a solid line up and a cool, calm, collected, and confident sounding rock strut with just enough jangle, just enough harmonica and a pleasing pour of piano - but this sample is a stripped down acoustic demo, so it's only an idea of it...

Listen: The Walking Beat - "Long Beaten Love"


**Belle Ghoul dropped a record last night - find it -


***so did Matt Jones - find that -

NEWS ITEM - Matt Jones, along with his new album - recently recorded a live concert with Colette Alexander (cello) and Misty Lyn Bergeron (vocals) in Back Seat Studios in Ann Arbor. Watch a special presentation by Tour Guide (directed/edited by Scott Allen -of Big Mess) --a concert documentary (all the songs, live) titled "Lesser Birds."

Watch - "Lesser Birds" on Vimeo



Listen: Matt Jones & the Reconstruction - "Special Forces"

***Someone else who's dropping a record soon is Child Bite - who performs tonight at The Polish National Alliance Hall, sandwiched between Bars of Gold (always a must see for this writer) and Danny Brown (the latter having recently been featured on the cover of The Fader) -

At the end of this month, Child Bite will release new material on 10" vinyl titled Monomania (via their usual label, Joyful Noise - March 30th). You can sample the latest evolution of Detriot's premier noise-pop rock howlers "Begin The Hiss" -via Impose.

Listen: Child Bite - "Begin The Hiss" - - Child Bite - Thursday 3/1 @ Blowout - 11:20 pm - Polish National Alliance Hall


*****Now, then - An Ypsi-folk compatriot (and musical collaborator) of Matt Jones is the dulcite-voiced, short-haired, fellow "dark-sider" Misty Lyn Bergeron -who leads a quintet called The Big Beautiful.

Listen: Misty Lyn & the Big Beautiful - "Flower Song"

Misty's got a new record "almost" done called False Honey...but for now you can sample stuff from 2009's For The Dead ^

Misty Lyn & the Big Beautiful - Thursday 3/1 @ Blowout - 9:20 - Whiskey In The Jar


Local Music Mania rises...we tell ourselves every year. Well, at least, I tell myself that...but it's easy getting swept up in the songs when you're the one listening rathern than singing. The more I keep going, the more I keep writing about it, however futiley, I keep reminding myself to not question it anymore... To not quibble over whether you should give this year's crop of bands some special ribbon for being that much more exceedingly weird or refreshing...

In a town so crammed with bands, you can find weird or refreshing wherever you want.

But today, the only question is, where will you find it tonight...

-By the way - if The Blowout-Proper isn't enough for you - there's auxillary events/concerts/band-performances going on:

Lo & Behold Records & Books has an "early/before-"-Blowout Showcase:

Thursday, March 1st

7:30pm — James Cornish Tonal Liberation (Hamt.)

8:30pm — Forget (Fern.)

9:30pm — Mike Hurtt & His Haunted Hearts (New Orleans/Det.)

@ 10022 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck.


AND --NEWS ITEM - if you haven't seen it posted elsewhere - Tonight and Tomorrow's line ups originally scheduled at The Atlas Bar have been moved to Polish Village Cafe - 2990 Yemans St, Hamtramck, MI 48212. - So if you were going out tonight for Swimsuit, maybe? Re-program your coordinates!

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