New CD compilation of DIME artists “an eclectic mix of alternative rock, folk, R&B and EDM”

Jun 24, 2015 at 2:15 pm

The Detroit Institute for Music Education, or DIME, whose tagline is "Music education is a four letter word," just put out a compilation this week of music by their first year of students' work. The collection of the freshman work is entitled DIME Sessions Volume 1. Released on DIME's in-house label Original 1265, the album is available on iTunes, Amazon and in person at the DIME location at 1265 Griswold St., Detroit. You can buy it digitally, or get a compact disc.

 Described as “an eclectic mix of alternative rock, folk, R&B and EDM” according to a DIME press release. The record showcases the young musicianship of students like Ryan Harrison, a guitar student who says “Being a part of the DIME album was an incredible experience that gave me a glimpse of what it takes to be in the music industry.”

DIME President Kevin Nixon says that the album “is designed to be a first-hand experience for our students of what it’s like when you actually start working in the professional music industry. Dealing with mysterious things like A&R, Pre-production, high-level recording can be very daunting when it’s your first time, and it’s important to prepare for success and enjoy the experience.” For the featured students being in DIME for only a year, Nixon says, “everyone has done a great job here and this album stands up as an excellent representation of the progress that these musicians and songwriters have made.”

NOTE: The embedded YouTube clips are not from the compilation itself, but are recent performances by DIME students whose work is on the release.

Dennis Burck is an intern for Metro Times.