Nate Young's brother burned.

Mar 5, 2007 at 10:35 am
Pitchfork has a breakdown of the situation with Nate Young's brother Peter, who was badly burned when a fire consumed his apartment Saturday, Feb. 24.

From Nate's email:

I am asking for donations to help my family with some of the medical bills and the rebuilding of his apartment. I have set up a paypal account in Pete's name. If everyone here can donate at least $1 that will be a huge help.

Please paypal donations to [email protected]

Please try to pay the fee if using a credit or debit card.

Pete first introduced me to punk, psychedelic rock and noise - the music that inspired me the most as a kid. He also painted the cover for the first Wolf Eyes album released on Bulb. Without him Wolf Eyes may not have ever existed. I hope you'll help me give him something back.

With much thanks,

Nate Young

Wolf Eyes' MySpace.

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