Napster not napping

As everyone ran out last week to buy a CD burner before Napster shut down after Wednesday’s ruling, the 9th Circuit Court decided Friday to allow the music “sharing” Web site to continue operating while the injunction appeal is pending. The arguments Napster users give in its defense have been heard loud and clear. Music is expensive. Listening first helps consumers make more informed choices if they want to buy CDs. The Web is too expansive to control. People make mix tapes and copy CDs for their friends all the time. Excuses, excuses. Regardless of the general knowledge that “sharing music” is really a flowery way of saying “stealing,” most folks hope Napster wins. Who doesn’t want free stuff? Right now, Napster is calling for a “buy-cott,” asking people to support the artists who support Napster by going out and buying their CDs. A list of artists can be found at Although they’re not as vocal as Metallica, a long list of nonsupporting artists exists as well. A coalition called Artists Against Piracy was created for artists who want to maintain control in how their music is presented, marketed and distributed on the Internet. The group also wants to educate the public about intellectual property and copyright issues. Check out their site at and decide for yourself.

Melissa Giannini writes about music for Metro Times. E-mail her at [email protected]

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