My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

They sample the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” and use it with brazen uncredited impunity — and they don’t get sued! They steal, note for note, John Barry’s underwater music from Thunderball and take full credit for it — and they don’t get sued! Robvira Zombie rips off their patented B-movie sound track shtick for well over a decade — and she doesn’t get sued!

Benevolent of them, I know. But as Nurse Rozetta says down at the free clinic: what blows around comes around, so open wide and say ahhhhh because The Thrill Kill Kult is back with a vengeance — and better than ever, sugar!

Y’see, the culture vultures at Rykodisc have taken it upon themselves to reissue the Komplete Kult Katalogue in all its suave and deviant glory. And while that’s a big load for even a pro to swallow without gagging, keep in mind that five of the initial eight titles that have been released are currently available only in Mexico. That includes The Kults’ masterful peep show exposé of the swingin’ couples set, Sexplosion! — which means you’ll have to keep riding that donkey to get the complete set, mamasita!

But of the three party platters that are currently available stateside (including Confessions Of A Knife and I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits), vanilla novices to the lifestyle will want to pick up the spanking new release that Ryko has tied together, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult — it’s a primo pervo primer to the Kult’s unique Derek Flint-meets-Bettie Page tabloid style of debonair debauchery, Kitten!

Not merely a sampler of the other albums, this disc amasses mislaid tracks that have slipped into the cracks over the years. And don’t let the kitschy pseudo-Satanism put you off the scent, either — head Kultists Frankie “Groovie Mann” Nardiello and Marston “Buzz McCoy” Daley are no more devil worshipers than the guys at id Software are, dollface!

So call ’em camped-up crazies if you like, but once you feel these psychotronic dance beats buffing your bird, you’ll agree that these albums are the original motion picture sound tracks to the greatest films that Roger Corman and Russ Meyer never made — better not miss it, baby!

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