My Blowout Quick Picks (aka CALM DOWN - YOU CAN DO THIS!)

Mar 2, 2011 at 1:20 pm
Blowout Time! For ME, this means "time to check out stuff I've never heard before." I also think this is what it should mean for you, but I am not the boss of you. I know this. I know a lot of people go see their favorite bands, and you should do that - but not to the complete exclusion of musical adventure. I bravely went through the whole Blowout Schedule and listened to each and every band I didn't already know. Some I listened to for ten seconds - which for many was enough time for me to frantically try to close the window to make the horrible sounds stop, and for others was just the right amount of time to tell me, "Yes, Laura. This is your kind of band." So here are my quick picks for Blowout.

Whether you're a crazy must-follow-planned-schedule type (guilty) or a "I'm just gonna wander around drunk and see what happens (I wish I was guilty of this sometimes) try something new, yes? Do it!


Picks: Easy. Go to this. Bracelets are a whole $5 cheaper, and pretty much every band playing is seeable since it's all in one place. I'd be remiss if I didn't say that FAWN and LETTERCAMP are the two i'm most excited to see tonight.


There are a LOT of bands playing Thursday that I already know and love. If you've somehow never seen the following, I recommend: CHARLIE SLICK, MARCO POLIO & THE NEW VACCINES, CHILD BITE, ZOOS OF BERLIN, PRUSSIA, ILLY MACK, CARRADINE

After going through all the bands I've never heard, these are the ones I'm going to attempt to see to stretch my musical horizons:

Cheat Sheet (Atlas 9pm)

Mumble (Skipper's 9:20pm)

Waxgordon (Painted Lady 9:40pm)

Royale (Kelly's 9:40pm)

Small Noises (Jean's 10pm)

Cold Men Young (Belmont 11pm)

Banxx (Mar's Bar 11pm)

Skeleton Birds (Whiskey 11:40pm)


Also a good bunch of never-heard-before bands that I'm excited to check out playing Friday. They are:

Matt Jones (G of C Hall 10pm)

The Ultrasounds (Kelly's 10:20pm)

The Afternoon Round (New Dodge 10:20pm)

Ryan Racine & Gas For Less (New Dodge 11:20pm)

Man The Hunter (Atlas 11:40pm)

Swimsuit (Atlas 12:40am)


There is a rumor going around that I may or may not make it to Saturday's Blowout in favor of the Telekinesis!, The Love Language, Hounds Below show at the Magic Stick. This rumor cannot be confirmed or denied. But mainly it can't be denied.

Saturday is another night when several of my favorite bands are playing, so if you have NOT seen: BIG MESS, ELECTRIC FIRE BABIES, BILL BONDSMEN, LEGENDARY CREATURES, TERRIBLE TWOS, THE SATIN PEACHES, or DESTROY THIS PLACE, this is the night to rectify those errors. Otherwise, you're on your own.

Good luck everybody...