Music for the Last Day of Your Life

Dragpipe’s Music for the Last Day of Your Life is the latest entry into the date-rape angst, grunge-metal sweepstakes. Indeed, it’s great shit to break beer bottles to, or smash your head against the wall to, or kick a dog to, or beat your wife to. … Think tuneless: a power drill caught in down-tuned guitar strings. The sun never shines here, only murky clouds of sludgy thunder, noise riffs sure to wreck even your brightest day.

These guys ain’t the happy-go-lucky type either, so you may want to forget about inviting them over for your next Sunday barbecue. On the upside, the mere sound of Last Day of Your Life may be a handy way to keep the pesky mosquitoes and bugs away as the din that burps forth is potent enough to annihilate even the most gnarly insect.

What’s more, you can almost smell how angry and ugly the crowd is at one of the band’s shows. It’s like pissed off and relentless Hot Topic angst mixed with the smell of cheap beer oozing from greasy pores of fast-food-fed bodies.

If you knew that this was gonna be the music for the last day of your life, you would kill yourself now and just get it over with. Coming soon to a cutout bin near you.

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