Motor City Rides

The Sights’ Eddie Baranek and his cherished 1997 Ford Escort he got off Ko Melina. “It’s never been washed, like me,” Baranek says, grinning.

Todd Osborn with his sporty 1992 Lincoln Town Car and 1967 Citabria Aerobatic plane. “When I’m not flying in the air, I need the luxury air suspension of a Town Car,” Osborn says. (Note the Town Car’s Direct TV satellite dish and Osborn’s Roland 303.)

Nomo’s Jamie Register with her 1972 Honda CB 500 Four and her dog Conswala. Register explains her love of the beast (bike): “Because she popped my cherry.”

Saturday Looks Good To Me’s Fred Thomas is mighty proud of his 1970’s Schwinn Speedster: “I mean, come on. It’s a Speedster.”

Esquire drives a 1994 Oldsmobile 88, and coos, “The understated luxury of my 88 offsets my own larger-than-life image.” The boy who invented rap is sandwiched by the fetching Aphrodite (left) and the lovely Shelby, with DJ Jeff in the driver’s seat

ONE.BE.LO. with his 1996 Dodge Caravan, complete with damage incurred while touring in Florida. “I bought it as a tour van and converted it into a family van,” Lo says. “Whether I’m on tour or at home, I’m rollin’ with my crew.” Lo’s hanging with his brood, from left, Naim, Sadaqa, Diaab.

DJ Haircut from Athletic Mic League and Now On with his 1970 Mercedes Benz 280SE. He says: “Because it’s classy, dusty and old — just like the records I play ...” (It should be noted that this killer ride belongs to Haircut’s grandma.)

The Paybacks’ incendiary frontchick, Wendy Case, mounts her 1966 Chevy C-10 Step Side Pickup Truck. “I’m so in love with my truck it’s disgusting,” she says, soberly. “It’s damn near unnatural.”

This is DJ Godfather with his 2005 GMC Denali. “Everywhere we go, we deep,” he says of his ride, quoting Trick Trick. Godfather is flanked by Estee (left) and Hailey, both of whom work at Seven in Pontiac.

Tadd Mullinix with his Girl Paul Rodriguez Skateboard Deck. (Not to be confused with a girl’s skateboard.) “That’s just how I roll,” he says.

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