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Favorite Detroit slabs from the Macpodz

The Macpodz:

This Ann Arbor's jam band leads the charge of the bouncy jazz brigade. If you've seen someone spinning a hula hoop and you're over the age of 10, you've probably heard of the A2 quintet. OK, that's hyperbolic. But their audience is growing. Bassist Brennan Andes gives us the band's favorite Detroit records.

5. EminemInfinite

He was just so honest back then. Infinite was when he wasn't trying to hide behind fame or any of the other bullshit that comes with it.

Stevie WonderSongs in the Key of Life

The guy is a fucking apostle, people consider him doing God's work. He wrote that record coming out of a coma for two months so that's pretty inspiring.

Various ArtistsThe Detroit Experiment

The Detroit scene caught on (to The Philadelphia Experiment) and had their own city record. All tracks are juicy. It doesn't seem like anybody here would've made this record solo. They all collaborated to make the sound of Detroit.

MC5 Kick Out the Jams

Their influence on rock 'n' roll has been relentless.

Marvin GayeWhat's Going On

The message he was spreading was the most necessary one then, with all the crazy shit going on. Plus James Jamerson is one of my favorite bass players ever.

Saturday, Oct. 16, at the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, with BELIKOS and Celsius Electronic.

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