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Sep 16, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Lola Valley

Lola Valley, an all-girl outfit full of energy, took the stage at the Loving Touch Saturday night with a crowd on its feet. Their presence on stage was not to be ignored as the girls sang their hearts out. They meld soul, rock and funk into one hypnotizing show.


Colossus came out ready-to-go as they followed Lola Valley on stage. They describe themselves as “adventure metal”, and the boys thrash onstage with an energy that never seems to dwindle. Their presence alone sees them demand to be heard. Crowd energy was amazing and they appear to have a solid and highly devoted following, with the crowd interacting with the band.

The Beggars

When Steven Tuthill told me they were here to put on a show, I believed him, but boy did I underestimate him. That stage wasn’t big enough for all of his theatrics. Within the first few minutes he split his pants and joked with the crowd as he bent over. The energy was infectious and while their sound fell somewhere between Lola Valley and Colossus in terms of hardness and intensity, the crowd was loving them.

All three of these bands put on a hell of a show, and as a first-timer on all three, I was left with ringing ears and future plans to see them again. Colossus and The Beggars play at the Radio Room, October 6th.