Monday Morning Music

Aug 19, 2013 at 9:54 am

Good morning, even if most of you are clicking onto this during what is likely lunch-time.

Still, I'd like to share a jaunty little pop jam with you that got me shimmying around my shabby home office, assuring I continued neglecting the self-assigned organization of the area in favor of furthering intakes of Yerba Mate to this refreshing neo-chamber-pop shimmy - compliments of quasi-local synth-centric family duo Casimer & Casimir.

It could still go well with your bag lunch or at least make you feel more fulfilled than the fast food you just grabbed while you were out - or, at the least, you can re-stream it tomorrow morning to start your Tuesday right - as the duo will offer your ears a chance to hear their latest single for a little while longer before they properly release it on vinyl next month.

Some of our more eclectic, art-pop leaning audiences will recognize the wispy warbling of Casimir Pascal flitting above the knotty arrangements of fluffy keyboard coos, resplendent guitar reels and shuffling drums. The former Pas/Cal progenitor paired with his young nephew, Vincent for what started as recreational experimentation in their Chicago home recording space. Those kinds of things, all too often, lead to full fledged bands. Thus, this band has a song inspired by Detroit blight (and Danny Brown's XXX mixtape) as well as an English-language cover of an obscure 70's French disco pop ballad. Oh, and they just signed to Brille, which makes them buds with other electro-eccentrics like The Knife.

Anyway. Happy Monday.