Mar 23, 2012 at 10:53 am

The hip-hop marketplace...a beat-spilled bazaar...MOBiLOGIX pitch 13 tents' worth of tracks featuring an assorted sampling of rap styles to any listener who meets them at their MRKT... ...(or whoever meets them at the Park Bar, for that matter).

Mobil Home ("brand new breed of an ill-Emcee...") leads the way with his impassioned raps, augmented by the cinematic samplings and imposing beats of producer Eddie Logix - with dynamic cameo-bars delivered by big name and new game iconoclasts and auteurs of Detroit hip-hop, including Guilty Simpson and Danny Brown.

While majority of Mobil's raps here exude his inspiration wrought from the legacy of hip-hop, his resoluteness to the craft of rap and his loyalty to Detroit culture (Potentially the best "Beats of Gold / Bars of truth... Little bit of this / little bit of that / got a beat that bangs and a Detroit cap..."), he also touches on a colorfully nostalgic/surrealist/geek-culture collage of abstruse references - like allegories to Back to the Future... - which matches nicely to rappers like Brown bringing in board-upside-the-head references like wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan...  "...Max Headroom? Evil Dead?"

Anyway, the track above started streaming back in January - it closes out this substantial survey of rap talent (with other cameos from Leaf Erikson, Dial 81, Metasyons, Meel Tikit, Skrapz and Intricate Dialect. You can get the album for free--if you drop the $8 at the door of the Park Bar, Saturday, March 31st - for the release show.

Should you seek out this forthcoming album, I'd recommend tracks like: "Gold," "Clank - ft. Danny Brown & Guilty Simpson" and "Moon Child -ft. Leaf Erikson and Intricate Dialect"

Info for the show:

Performers: MOBiLOGIX (Mobil Home & Eddie Logix) - Skrapz - Phantasmagoria - Secrets

DJ's: polynote, dial81, & 2040

Host: D. Allie

Special Appearances: Angelica Moross, Intricate Dialect, Leaf Erikson, Meel Ticket, Subverse, MidCoast Most, & SelfSays.