Mar 10, 1999 at 12:00 am
From the fine folks who brought you the now-sadly-defunct metalloid performance genius of 7,000 Dying Rats comes a full-force blast of distorted, extended sonic mayhem for the thinking-man’s-hard-rock-kids. Thoughts of Ionesco may sound, upon first aural glance, like it fits neatly into the thrash metal bin, but that’d be a mistake in attention span. Sit down with A Skin Historical and you’ll find sweeping layers of underlying sound, catharsis rather than aggression, and innovation and invention where it’d be easy to take the easy way out. The six songs on this soon-to-be-released LP pay no mind to traditional metal song structure, but rather use the crunch of guitars, drums and raw-throated, sometimes effects-processed voice to launch Thoughts Of Ionesco straight into a nearly improvised-sounding orbit around the rock, noise, hardcore and freeform worlds. Bits of songs fly in and out of the whole faster than you can wrap your ears around it. Confusion rains down, but the cumulative effect is a potent brew, sir. The players, too, know their way around sound and never let the listener get complacent, flexing virtuosity and viscera with equal skill. It’s a wild ride, you got your ears on?