Mathias Aduke on Blowout Day 2

My band #2, All The Wild Children played at the Whiskey in the Jar. It was a decent turn out, mostly close friends up front, and definitely a good energy. The sound was rough, as it was just a tiny "vocals only PA", but we made it work. We played a new tune, tentatively titled "LakeBillies", and it felt like it went over well. Interviewed with the HipInDetroit chicks, and got some flashes in the eyes from Chris Cunnington! Bruce, the sound engineer, and the "Unnamed-Hot Mama-Chicken Eating-Door Gal" made the experience that much better.

I stayed for a bit of the following band, whose name escapes me, unfortunately. They were dancy synth pop (surprise!), but for whatever reason, the overwhelming amount of feedback coming from the monitors, (so I gathered. Sorry, Bruce) kind of ruined their set a bit, even for a noise junkie, like myself, i just couldn't handle it, so I had to take off halfway through. They seemed pretty good, though!

Then onto Paychecks Lounge, for D'Ochestra and Doop and The Inside Outlaws. All in all, a positive experience, no doubt. Unfortunately the sound was a little rough for D'Orchestra. As the engineer said to me, "they have 5 guitarists, I only had enough mics for drums and vocals", it was a little disappointing. Throughout the set, the band was able to turn their guitars up, more and more, which, by the end made it ALMOST sound like real sound, at a real club!

Luckily, Jesse Shepard Bates, gave the PERFORMANCE OF A LIFETIME, and they killed it anyway. Had a good ol' fashion talk with Hounds Below-ist, Jason Stollsteimer, and finally talked to Anne, a gal who I've seen exactly one million times, but had never met personally. D'Orchestra were tight and exciting, well put together pop music, and I only hope that they do well for themselves.

Next, we made the plan to watch half of Doop, and then skirt out to catch the latter half of the Disinformants set at the Painted Lady. Unfortunately, that didnt go over so well, as Doop was as captivating and sweet and endearing as a performer can get. The flawless steel player, the right-on-the-nose-right-in-the-pocket-drummer, and the good looking, slick and well maintained female bassist and back up harmonist, made Doop sound like a million bucks. Well crafted tunes, and a twang like they're really from below the Mason-Dixon, made it a set to remember. The sound was even great! Paychecks, it's been a while, but you've still got it, for the most part, and it was a nice little visit.

The Disinformants, no doubt, rocked the Painted Lady. I was sad to not have been able to make it over in time, but I'm sure they were raucous and noisy as ever.

Unfortunately, I must wish the Hamtramck portion of the Blowout well, and say goodbye for this year, as I am working a dance party at The Old Miami on Saturday. So, to Loretta Lucas, Zombie Jesus and The Chocolate Sunshine Band, CrayCray's, Oscillating Fan Club, Cosmic Light Shapes, The Jet Rodriguez, Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor, Boy Wonders, The Sights, and The Ferdy Mayne, I wish you all a great night!

Come see The Bobby Electric on Thursday May 2nd at The New Way!

Aduke Out.

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