Make America great again... For who?

Jul 25, 2016 at 3:50 pm
With the upcoming Presidential election and growing polarization around candidate Donald Trump, Detroit-based artist Michael Reyes has some questions about Trump's well-known campaign slogan "Make America Great Again." Or rather, he has one very simple question: "for who?"

Reyes' hard hitting questions in this poem are a call to justice in the midst of xenophobic ideologies. Reyes teamed up with Detroit producer & Hip Hop artist Demaciiio to create a poem that asks you to question the deeply rooted history of white supremacy in the United States. The visualization of the poem uses satire to depict the more recent overt and institutional inequality faced by people of color today.

This is not simply an anti-Trump anthem, but is a statement that challenges the listener to ask themselves the fundamental question: “What is the greatness that we would be going back to, was it great for everyone, or is it great only so long as you are the right, race, gender, ethnic group, nationality, sexual orientation, and class?” As the Republican National Convention debates about the future of America we must critically address our historical amnesia and ask…"Who was America great for, and who will America be great for going forward?"... and of course we know it's “whom?"